Year of Study in Munich

A study abroad program established by Lewis & Clark College

Discover Europe

Studying in Munich means living in the heart of Europe! During the break you will have nine weeks off to travel and discover your choice of 47 countries. You want to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris? Or hear the sound of the Big Ben in London? Or have breakfast next to the Colloseum in Rome? You can just do it! It’s all around the corner.

Europe has a long and fascinating history, a rich cultural heritage, and some oft he world’s most beautiful scenery. Travelling has become very inexpensive since the prices for plane tickets have dropped significantly. Sometimes you can find tickets for a trip from Munich to Rome or Munich to Barcelona for less than 30 Euros roundtrip. In the past, some of our students have visited up to 14 countries during their break and brought back some unforgettable memories from the most exciting places Europe has to offer.