Year of Study in Munich

A study abroad program established by Lewis & Clark College

The Mentoring Program

A new place is always a new challenge. The more people you get to know, the easier it is to get settled and feel at home. You want to meet German students? You are looking for a personal guide? You want advice from the insiders? Just meet our mentors! They are ready and happy to welcome you and show you their Munich.

The “student city” consists of dorms of various sizes, from “bungalows” (2-story buildings), to Hochhäuser (8-story buildings). Within the Studentenstadt there are music practice rooms, a bakery, gym, tennis courts, a library and several bars where students can get something to eat or drink. There are two discos, “Mad Max” and “Underground”. Intramural sports are also offered. Washing machines are located in each dorm and Internet access is available in every room.

Our Mentoring Program offers a variety of exciting events and fun activities throughout the year: carnival celebrations, hikes through the beautiful Bavarian landscape, or a visit to a Bavarian farm. Smaller get-togethers include going for lunch or cooking dinner together, exploring the various coffee houses, and having picnics in the English Garden.

The best part, however, is that by the end of the year you will leave Munich with lots of new friends and great memories.

Munich and the Mentoring Program are looking forward to you!