Year of Study in Munich

A study abroad program established by Lewis & Clark College

Deutschland 2025

You would like to use the spring break for travel and explore more of Germany? We perfectly understand that desire, since Germany is an exciting place to be in so many respects. Here’s what we can offer you that might go well along with your travel plans:

Each year our students have the opportunity to apply for travel grants in order to work on a topic related to German culture, economy or politics. During the semester break you travel through Germany, meet with representatives from German institutions, and write a report on what you have learned.

In the past our students travelled to East Germany to learn about life in the former GDR or to the North Sea to learn about wind power. They visited Köln, Ulm and Trier to see Germany’s most fascinating Gothic cathedrals and travelled to Stuttgart, Nürnberg and Hamburg to find out about some of Germany’s most unusual and innovative schools. They learned about the cultural mystery of soccer and the philosophy of modern German business. What would be your topic?