Year of Study in Munich

A study abroad program established by Lewis & Clark College


At the Year of Study in Munich, we consider excursions as part of your academic education. Studying German history and culture in our courses is one thing, but visiting important German cities and exploring places that shaped and still shape the country, is quite something else!

Daily Excursions

During the orientation period, you will be offered excursions to Neuschwanstein, Augsburg, Linderhof and Augsburg, so you become more familiar with the history and culture of the state of Bavaria.

  • Year of Study group on the Neuschwanstein excursion
  • Basilika St. Michael in Altenstadt
    Basilika St. Michael in Altenstadt
  • Two Year of Study students on the way to Neuschwanstein
  • Castle Neuschwanstein
  • Student taking a break on the way to Neuschwanstein
  • Linderhof
  • Linderhof Cave
  • Linderhof
  • Tegernsee
  • hiking to Tegernsee


A one-week trip will take you to Berlin, Germany’s capital and a vibrant metropolis. Here we will give you an insight into the differences between the historical developments in Prussia and Bavaria, and compare political and social developments in the DDR and BRD. Let’s also observe firsthand the issues surrounding German unification!

  • Brandenburg Gate
    Brandenburg Gate
  • Berlin Wall
    Berlin Wall
  • Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
    Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
  • Reichstag building
    Reichstag building
  • Berlin Wall.
    Berlin Wall


In the spring semester trips may include Weimar, Dresden, Prague and/or Vienna. In the slideshow below you can see impressions from the last Vienna trip.

  • Year of Study Group during trip to Vienna
  • Biergarten in Vienna
  • Kunsthaus in Wien
    Kunst Haus Wien
  • House in Vienna wrapped in plants
  • Toilet of modern Art
    Toilet of Modern Art
  • Group of Year of Study excursion in Vienna
  • Dinner
  • Nighlife in Vienna
  • Castle Schönbrunn
    Schönbrunn (Martin Abegglen / Flickr).
  • Hundertwasserhaus
    Hundertwasserhaus (Diana / Flickr).
  • Hundertwasserhaus in Vienna
  • Vienna Nightlife